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Godly Play 2016 Conference

By 17. mai 2015mai 21st, 2015Godly Play 2016 Conference

Dear Godly Play Friends,

Members of GP Norway and Latvia have started planning for the Fifth European Conference!

Details are just about to fall into place, and will follow as soon as possible. Right now we will only suggest that you keep the date in mind: The event is going to take place from Friday, Sept 16 (arrivals during Thursday) through Monday, Sept 19 (departures after lunch), 2016.

This conference will be open to trainers and national leaders, as well as door persons, storytellers, and others interested. There will have to be a limit to the number of participants. We want every country where GP is being practiced to be represented, also leaving some space for countries/persons who find themselves on the doorstep, peeking in on Godly Play and what it is all about. However, it is not yet possible to make reservations. You will have to wait for a more specific invitation.

Some countries are already experienced Godly Players, using the program in complex settings, while others have just barely started. In order to make a conference that has appeal to everyone, we would like to hear from you:

* What would you like to learn more about?

* What do you think would be helpful to your country, at the stage where you are right now?

* Are there elements of Godly Play that you would like to go deeper into, to enable you to practice Godly Play more skillfully?

* And how can we in a big conference provide time and space to help one another to “come closer to God by myself”?

Please send us your ideas, or share your thoughts with the GP leader in your country.

Putting together a conference program depends on contributions from several persons. We hope to offer a wide variety of seminars and stories. Perhaps you will be responsible for one of those?

There will also be room for artistic/musical/playful contributions.

This is meant to be a “first warning” of an upcoming event of great value and importance.

The letter is being sent to European Godly Play trainers, including those mentioned below. You may share this information with whoever you believe it would be of interest to.

May 2015 Sincerely,

Godly Play Norway: Anne-Helene Gjengedal Rune Øystese
Godly Play Latvia: Anita Kazaka, Liga Cepurite

Rune Øystese

Forfatter Rune Øystese

Rune har lang erfaring med trosopplæring – både praktisk og akademisk! Rune har vært aktiv kurslærer for Gudrikeleiken siden 2009 og var leder trosopplæringsprosjektet Gudsrikeleiken da det startet i 2004, og har jobbet med flere studier og prosjekt omkring trosopplæring i hjem og kirke.

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  • Rune Øystese sier:

    The first mistake in planning this event. of september is one week early. The correct should be Friday 16th til Monday 19th. of september 2016