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Godly Play Materials from Finland

By 15. august 2018Materiell

Dear friends,

The last few years have been difficult ones at Godly Play Materials as Johanna Kaarto-Wallin has had to deal with personal health issues. Unfortunately this has led to delays in filling orders and delivering materials, and we sincerely apologise that this has been the case.

Recently Johanna has determined that she could not continue to produce materials, and plans were put in place to ensure that her high quality materials would not be lost to the Godly Play world. As such Johanna has sold Godly Play Materials to Valters Pranks of Latvia. Valters has been making quality materials for Godly Play Latvia for a number of years and this commitment to high quality will continue as he takes on this additional work. In support of this plan the Godly Play Foundation has taken custody of Johanna’s designs, and Valters will produce the materials according to these designs.

As we write Valters is beginning to fill all Godly Play Materials paid orders currently outstanding. When he has completed this he will move on to complete all unpaid orders.

We do appreciate your patience and understanding through this difficult time, and we may need a bit more patience and understanding as Valters works hard to fill orders.

Finally we want to acknowledge Johanna’s significant contribution to Godly Play and to Godly Play materials over these many years. So many of our Godly Play spaces have benefitted from the beautiful materials she created and for that we are extremely grateful. Johanna assures us that she remains committed to Godly Play and will continue her work as storyteller, trainer, and materials mentor.

On behalf of Johanna and Valters,

Andrew Sheldon
Godly Play Advocate for International Development

Andrew Sheldon

Forfatter Andrew Sheldon

Andrew Sheldon immediately recognized the value of this innovative program and became an early advocate of Godly Play in the Diocese of Toronto and an accredited trainer in 2009. He is an Anglican priest and an experienced adult educator and trainer. Besides being a gifted Godly Play Trainer and Storyteller, Andrew is inventive, playful and thought-provoking.

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    Do you make andreklassinger the big church building that Johanna MADR? Anne in Norway